When Jonathan Demme Directed A Lost Punk Legend

Jonathan Demme’s relationship with Los Angeles paranoia-punks Suburban Lawns began in 1980, when the late director — who’d released the acclaimed Melvin and Howard one month earlier — shot a video for their song “Gidget Goes to Hell.” The video aired on Saturday Night Live, in one of the most striking early examples of punk on late-night television (before Fear sort of ruined it for everybody).

From the video’s title card, rendered in a hand style that can only be described as proto-Rocko, to the gaggle of Normal Teens making gagging gestures over our sooty-bobbed ingenue’s beachwear, it’s clear that both “Gidget” (or “Gidgette,” as it’s spelled onscreen, presumably to skirt copyright laws) and lead singer Su Tissue cast a serious spell on Demme.

Six years later, after directing the Talking Heads’ epochal concert film Stop Making Sense, Demme tapped the now-disbanded Lawns’ singer — who looks, to 2017 eyes, like a resident of some uncanny valley at the intersection of Daria, Wednesday Addams, and Aubrey Plaza, deadpan to the point where you feel compelled to check her pulse — for a small but vital role in his surreal 1986 road comedy, Something Wild.

The plot goes like this: A rank-and-file vanilla office lemming named Charlie Driggs, played to the edges of naïveté and restraint by a young Jeff Daniels, is swept off his feet (all right, kidnapped) by a Lydia Lunch protégé with a shoe-polish-black Amélie bob, countless aliases, and a pile of culturally questionable Zulu Nation–style accessories. This is Audrey, played by Melanie Griffith, and the kidnapping turns out to be part of a bigger plan, in which she’ll make herself over, sundressed and blonde, and force poor Charlie into the role of her deeply normal husband at her 10th high-school reunion.

It’s an escape caper for all involved: Griffith as the aforementioned sentient haircut trying to outrun her abusive felon ex-husband (played by Ray Liotta); poor Charlie being dragged along at the end of her arm, himself trying to escape the boredom of his everyday; and Mr. Dillman, one of the coworkers Charlie’s calamitously ditched out on, who happens to be attending the reunion. What will Charlie’s straitlaced and utterly herbaceous officemate think about him, a supposedly married man, canoodling with a much younger, far stranger woman?

Thumbs-up, as it turns out, from the bland Dillman — but not from his wife, Peggy, played by Su Tissue, who stands pregnant and mumbling at his side, barely audible and entirely detached. We don’t find out until later in the film that Charlie’s wife had left him at least six months prior to his meeting Audrey; Dillman’s cheering is a playful go-get-’em-tiger for an acquaintance toeing back into the dating pool.

This knowledge places Su-as-Peggy’s preggers non-reaction in a much funnier context. Perhaps it’s not a look of disdain at cheatin’ Charlie, but a subtle, knowing glance at her former classmate Audrey, still living the life that poor Peggy had given up. When Audrey’s sociopath of an ex-husband makes his first appearance at the end of the reunion, he addresses Peggy first, outside of the whole group — “We remember ol’ Peggy, don’t we?” — to which she gives no immediate answer.

A 10-year high school reunion taking place in 1986 would place Audrey, Peggy, and Ray in the senior class of 1976, meaning everyone from Blondie and the Ramones to Pere Ubu, the Stranglers, and Zolar X (an easy precursor to Suburban Lawns) were already around and putting out records. It’s easy to imagine the trio as carjacking, beachgoing teens in the “Gidget Goes to Hell” video, especially given the two projects’ vehicular continuity. If you’re going to escape, Demme seems to be saying in both the Suburban Lawns video and Something Wild, you may as well do it in a smokin’ hot American convertible.

In the reunion scene, we see Audrey show up in character, as another version of Peggy, similarly grown-up and sold out. But Peggy’s hundred-yard stare calls bullshit on Audrey’s remarkable Stepfordization. Peggy can likely identify another rebellious spirit on contact, just as Audrey could with Charlie. She also knows what it looks and feels like for someone to give that up in favor of becoming another pregnant suburban cakeface.

In 1982, not long before Suburban Lawns ended, Su Tissue (real name Sue McLane) released a hypnotic solo record, Salon de Musique. And then she more or less disappeared from public view, leaving us to wonder. Could Demme have understood or perhaps somehow predicted this when he pulled her out of early retirement for what would be her last well-documented public appearance? By casting her in the role of what, with a little context (and a fair amount of imaginative reaching), sure looks like a mom who felt obligated to grow up and resentfully quit punk, did he close the loop that Gidget had opened, setting Su Tissue free on exit music scored by John Cale and Laurie Anderson? We can only guess.

And as Ray said — “Always keep ’em guessing, Charlie!”

Article source: http://www.mtv.com/news/3007394/jonathan-demme-suburban-lawns-something-wild/

The Chainsmokers Just Crashed A High School’s Prom

The Chainsmokers were set to hit the AllState Arena in Rosemont, Illinois last night on their Memories…Do Not Open tour, but they opted to shake up their schedule a bit and work in an impromptu detour.

Some artists take a nap before a show. Some grab a meal, do some yoga, go through whatever pre-performance ritual they have to get them in the right mindset, whatever. The Chainsmokers? They went to prom. Seriously.

For their gig warm-up, Drew Taggart and Alex Pall hit up Huntley High School — which was oh so conveniently located across the street from the venue — to surprise a bunch of teenagers on the dance floor.

Whether or not they walked in for the beat drop in “Closer,” we have no idea, but we secretly hoped they timed their epic surprise for that very moment.

As prom season is in full swing and the guys still have tons of tour dates on the horizon, who knows: Maybe they’ll be sure to check and see if a formal function is taking place in within a stone’s throw from the stage and stop by to say hey to your high school in their dressed-up best, too.

Article source: http://www.mtv.com/news/3007711/the-chainsmokers-prom-crash/

The Flash‘s Grant Gustin Is All Smiles After His Beach Proposal

The Flash has been outflashed thanks to one blinding piece of bling, but Grant Gustin doesn’t seem to mind one bit now that he’s popped the question — and she said yes.

Gustin — who plays the titular superhero on the hit CW series — is now engaged to longtime girlfriend LA Thoma. This sandy, sunny photo is happiness personified and features Thoma and Grant in a loving embrace with a giant diamond making its way into the shot on a leisurely afternoon at the beach.

Based on their body language and those gigantic grins, it’s safe to say that the newly engaged couple are utterly thrilled to be spending the rest of their lives together.

You don’t need a filter for that kind of joy, that’s for sure. Congrats, LA and Grant!

Article source: http://www.mtv.com/news/3007724/grant-gustin-la-thoma-engagement/

Leonardo DiCaprio Took To The Streets Of D.C. For The Climate March

Leonardo DiCaprio has spent the majority of 2016 and 2017 using the spotlight trained on him to elevate awareness for climate change, between his advocacy and his work on his 2016 documentary centered on the subject, Before the Flood — and he’s continuing to do that at the Climate March in Washington, D.C.

As the March kicked off in D.C. on April 29, DiCaprio showed his support not only for the movement, but specifically for indigenous peoples who have been tirelessly fighting to keep clean water accessible.

Other celebs are turning their eyes to Washington, too: Alyssa Milano and Al Gore have both tweeted their support of the movement, and Shailene Woodley, who’s been an active part of the protest against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, shared information regarding the march and supporting indigenous efforts as well.

Good on DiCaprio for showing up, and those marching for a greener future today. 🌿🌱

Article source: http://www.mtv.com/news/3007680/leonardo-dicaprio-climate-march/

Kendall Jenner’s Version Of Dressing Up Involves Some Aggressively Tangerine Boots

Dress-up isn’t simply for kids, as anyone who’s ripped apart half their closet before a night out can tell you. Considering that Kendall Jenner plays dress-up for a living, she’s a professional and perfecting each and every outfit — and this time around, that involves some higher-than-thigh-high boots, a pair of jeans, a fedora, and … that’s about it.

Jenner rocked a pair of vivid tangerine boots that look like they were taken from Rihanna‘s ANTI World Tour wardrobe, and snapped a quick selfie to get the full effect.

These kicks are not for the faint of heart (or the short of leg), and Jenner can definitely pull them off. (She’ll probably need some assistance in that regard, because damn those must take a minute to step into.)

These probably wouldn’t have made it into her suitcase for the Fyre Festival after-party she was set to host this weekend, but … yeah. Turns out she was better off hanging out at home than at that disastrous “luxury” music experience in the Bahamas.

Article source: http://www.mtv.com/news/3007691/kendall-jenner-dress-up-boots/

Bella Hadid Says Fyre Festival Was Something She ‘Couldn’t Stand By’

Now that the jig is up at Fyre Festival and the not-so-luxurious VIP music experience has spiraled into one mortifying disaster, some of the celebrities attached to the event are coming forward to apologize to those who expected a memorable weekend and had one in a very unexpected way.

Bella Hadid — who was featured in the trailer hyping Fyre as an elite music festival experience on a private island in the Bahamas — broke her silence since the meltdown took over social media and Reddit on April 28. Understandably, Hadid was quick to clarify that she was involved in the promotion of the festival, but not the production of the event itself — and that had she any suspicion that things would’ve unraveled the way they did, she would’ve kept her distance.

“Even though this was not my project what so ever, nor was I informed about the production or process of the festival in any shape or form, I do know that it has always been out of great intent and they truly wanted all of us to have the time of our lives,” she wrote. “I initially trusted this would be an amazing incredible experience for all of us, which is why I agreed to do one promotion…I feel so sorry and badly because this is something I couldn’t stand by…”

She signs off with well wishes for the attendees and hopes that they made it back from Exumas safely. Ja Rule — who was one of the event’s organizers — was even more disappointed in the note he posted to Twitter, stressing that the festival was “NOT A SCAM” and that he was “heartbroken” about how things had gone down for Fyre patrons.


Article source: http://www.mtv.com/news/3007700/bella-hadid-fyre-festival/

Is Kygo And Ellie Goulding’s New Song The ‘Closer’ Of 2017?

After supplying the beat for Selena Gomez’s post-split brooding on “It Ain’t Me,” Kygo has tapped his next A-list collaborator: Ellie Goulding.

The two come together on “First Time,” a nostalgic ode to young, naive love. Kygo crafts the tropical melodies, while Goulding reminisces about running red lights, smoking her first cigarette, and feeling rich with $10 in her pocket. “We were sipping on emotions / Smoking and inhaling every moment / It was reckless and we owned it,” she sings.

Look, I’m not saying it’s a carbon copy of The Chainsmokers and Halsey’s “Closer” (because it’s not, and “First Time” is way more misty-eyed), but I am saying that its combo of nostalgia and dance music definitely rings a bell. Only this time, Blink-182 is replaced by Bon Iver (Goulding shouts out the song “Re: Stacks”), and “the backseat of your Rover” is traded in for “your dad’s black Honda.”

Could “First Time” be the new “Closer”? Listen below and decide for yourself.

Article source: http://www.mtv.com/news/3007561/kygo-ellie-goulding-first-time/

Ciara And Russell Wilson Gave Their Newborn A Royal Name

Baby Wilson is finally here! Congrats to Ciara and Russell Wilson, who have revealed that their little girl has arrived.

Sienna Princess Wilson was born on April 28, about six months after her parents announced that they were expecting. Baby girl is the first child for the happy couple, who were married last July, and the second for Ciara, whose adorable son with Future, Future Zahir Wilburn, turns three in May.

In a moving Instagram post that shows a still-pregnant Ciara relaxing by the beach, both parents shared a sweet message with the newest addition to their growing family: “No matter how big the wave, we will always be your calm in the storm.”

Cheers to the Wilson fam, and welcome to the world, baby Sienna!

Article source: http://www.mtv.com/news/3007658/ciara-russell-wilson-baby/

A Hacker Is Threatening Netflix Over Orange Is The New Black

There’s gotta be a joke in here somewhere about a show taking place in a high-security prison getting caught up in a security breach debacle, but what’s going down with the next season of Orange Is The New Black is no laughing matter.

Entertainment Weekly reports that the upcoming fifth season of the popular program was compromised by a hacker going by the name of the Dark Overlord, who’s threatening to leak the new OITNB episodes. They’re holding Netflix’s feet — or wallet, really — to the fire, and demanding that the streaming giant pay up if they want to stay on schedule.

The FBI is investigating the Dark Overlord’s threats, and a spokesperson for Netflix told EW that the security breach that led to the ransom comes through working with a third party: “A production vendor used by several major TV studios had its security compromised and the appropriate law enforcement authorities are involved.”

The (extremely intense, likely) season premiere of OITNB‘s fifth season is set to hit Netflix on June 9, so here’s hoping this development doesn’t mess with the next chapter in the Litchfield saga.

Article source: http://www.mtv.com/news/3007670/hacker-orange-is-the-new-black/

Hailee Steinfeld’s ‘Most Girls’ Is The Song You Dance To Alone In Your Room

If Hailee Steinfeld‘s 2015 debut single, “Love Myself,” had you feeling yourself, her latest song will give you the same jolt of confidence. “Most Girls” has a catchy, infectious beat that worms its way into your head and refuses to leave. You won’t feel bad singing along though, because the tune’s lyrics are empowering as hell.

“Most girls are smart and strong and beautiful / Most girls work hard, go far, we are unstoppable,” Hailee sings in the chorus, shouting out the girls who wear sweatpants and dresses alike. “I wanna be like most girls.” I mean, SAME.

The fitting single art finds the Pitch Perfect 3 star rocking a crown and hoodie, because as the song says, you’re a “damn queen” no matter what you’re wearing or who you’re hanging out with. Don’t let the haters tell you anything else.

Article source: http://www.mtv.com/news/3007565/hailee-steinfeld-most-girls/

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