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Nu South Playaz Tour Dates


Nu South Playaz Booking Schedule

Nu South Playaz have a lot of open slots for booking. Check the dates below for availability.
Fri Nov 17 2017 Starkville MS. MISS STATE private
Sat Nov 18 2017 Greenville SC. Wedding Private
Sat Nov 25 2017 Jackson MS. Wedding Private
Thur Dec 7 2017 Atlanta Ga. Party Private
Fri Dec 8 2017 Atlanta Ga. Party Private
Sat Dec 9 2017 Hartsville SC. Wedding Private
Sat Dec 16 2017 Augusta Ga. Wedding Private
Sun Dec 31 2017 Charleston SC. Party Public
Sat Jan 13 2018 Richmond VA. Club Public
Sat Feb 3 2018 Birmingham AL. Wedding Private
Sat Mar 10 2018 Macon Ga. Wedding Private
Sat Mar 24 2018 Opelika AL. Wedding Private
Sat Apr 28 2018 Mt Pleasant SC Wedding Private
Sat May 26 2018 Atlanta GA. Wedding Private
Fri Oct 12 2018 Mt Pleasant SC Wedding Private
Sat Nov 3 2018 Perry GA. Wedding Private

Leikeli47’s “Attitude” Video Is A Way Of Life

Last year, Leikeli47 blessed the universe with her debut full-length album Wash Set. Since then, she’s been flexing her boss status in many forms, from teaming up with Issa Rae on the Insecure soundtrack to performing at GIRLSCHOOL‘s third annual women and femmes-fronted music festival. Today, the rapper has returned with an official music video for “Attitude” featuring Ballroom star Buffy Khan that will inspire you to make the most of what you’ve got. Have you been itching to go on a vacation, but can’t afford the splurge? Set up shop in your backyard and turn it into a cute cabana! DIY is never out of style. Watch all the fun in the sun go down in the video below.

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Amber Tamblyn Has Some Advice To Men Who Want To Be Allies To Women

It seemed like the entire country was listening when Oprah declared, “A new day is on the horizon!” to a room full of Hollywood elites at the 2018 Golden Globes. A roaring applause erupted through the Beverly Hilton — led by the star-studded women who wore all-black in solidarity with victims of sexual harassment — followed by enthusiastic pleas for her to run for president.

Although Oprah has since confirmed that she will not be running for commander in chief, her powerful call to action stands as a defining moment in the #MeToo movement — a crusade that has seen an increasing number of people step forward, with their own stories of sexism and workplace harassment, to say Time’s Up.

One voice that has been steady in her support of the movement, even before it was an organized effort, belongs to actress, writer, producer, and director Amber Tamblyn — but it’s not courage that’s driving her to speak out.

“I don’t know if I’m brave. I have mixed feelings about that word,” Tamblyn told MTV News at the Makers Conference in Los Angeles. “I feel vulnerable all the time and I feel very raw a lot of the time, and I’m always very aware of how the world affects me and how I affect the world. Sometimes there are really beautiful moments of bravery that shoot out from that, but I feel very much like anyone else,” she said.

Call it bravery, or call it vulnerability, but when it really matters, Tamblyn knows how to use her experience to help create change, as evidenced by her active and candid Instagram and Twitter presence, her open letter to actor James Woods in Teen Vogue, and her New York Times essay, “I’m Done With Not Being Believed.”

“I just choose to live in the world honestly. Sincerity makes you vulnerable by default, and the fact that we choose to live in the world the way that we do is difficult at times, but also really necessary, and if you choose to be an active member and speak up against things, you have no choice but to sort of be vulnerable towards things,” she said. “It’s the act of living. There is no other choice for me.”

For those who also feel compelled to speak up, Tamblyn advises to do so cautiously and with a deep self-awareness. “Pause before you are going to inflict something on someone. Pause before you make a statement about something. I really believe strongly that we should wait before we say big, powerful things and really listen to our own voices before we let the rest of the world’s voice impact how we feel,” she said.

As the Time’s Up movement shifts from women sharing their experiences into an “action-oriented” phase that requires male support, it’s necessary to speak with intention — or sometimes, not speak at all.

“It’s really important that men lead not by telling us what kind of stories we should or shouldn’t tell — they don’t need to be a part of that conversation. In my opinion, I don’t need to hear a man say that we’ve gone too far and there’s too many stories being told,” Tamblyn said. “We need men to really be allies and to support women in the effort to change things, and that means they need to be vocal about many, many things, including the abuses against women’s bodies, but also things like pay disparity and bullying in school.”

So, what does being an ally entail? Any man who isn’t sure where to begin, Tamblyn suggests seeking guidance in the most familiar places.

“We have to start changing things, and men really want to know how they can help, and it’s important for men, and even boys, to look at the women they love, whether it’s their girlfriends, best friends, or their sisters, or even their mothers or their grandmothers or their wives,” she said. “Look down the line of your relationships to women and look for inequalities. You have the unique capacity, as men and boys, to stand up for women, whether it’s at school or at work or any other place.”

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Kesha Is ‘Heartbroken’ To Postpone Tour Dates After Tearing Her ACL

Kesha’s triumphant comeback run has hit a little speed bump.

At a concert in Dubai on February 9, the singer suffered an onstage fall and tore her ACL. It’s the kind of injury that can derail a professional athlete’s career, and in the music world, it’s no minor matter either. Kesha will undergo surgery to repair it on Tuesday (February 20), followed by months of rehabilitation.

As a result, the Rainbow singer is postponing her 11 scheduled tour dates in Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, and Japan, all of which were set to take place in March and April.

“It’s my biggest joy in life to share my music with my fans all over the world, but I have to follow my doctors’ orders and undergo surgery so I can get ready to give it my all on my summer tour and beyond,” Kesha said in an Instagram post.

“Moving these dates is making me sick with sadness, but I tried to will this injury away and unfortunately it didn’t work,” she continued. “I love you all and I’ll work every single day, as hard as I can, to recover and get back on stage as soon as possible. I’m so sorry and sending love always.”

Kesha is apparently hoping to be back in fighting shape for her joint summer tour with Macklemore, dubbed The Adventures of Kesha and Macklemore. The 30-date North American trek is slated to kick off on June 6 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Sure, this is a bit of bad luck for Kesha, but she’s repeatedly proven herself as one of the most tenacious musicians working today, so here’s hoping she’ll recover soon!

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Watch Roy Woods Perform “Monday To Monday” On TRL

It hasn’t officially been declared, but I think we can all agree that Drake qualifies as presidential material. Last week, he released his music video for “God’s Plan”, really a documentation of his human outreach work within the U.S., specifically for residents in Miami. (I get teary-eyed just thinking about it!) Today, the TRL fam had the honor of spending President’s Day with his OVO signee Roy Woods. The Canadian artist came through rocking a bunch of gold bling with TRL‘s signature colors of black and yellow.

Spencer Pratt also returned for his weekly Siesta Key recap, but this time he got to dish on all the drama with the show’s new villain Canvas Brummel. (He also boldly threw some shots at Laguna Beach and The Hills alum Lo Bosworth…) The cover stars for Sports Illustrated‘s Swimsuit issue also stopped by to play the yummiest round of “I Did It” with Amy Pham.

After re-telling one of his earliest interactions with Drake on the set for the “Energy” video, Roy closed out the show with an energetic performance of his latest single “Monday to Monday.” The track is featured on his debut album Say Less which is out now everywhere. Tune into TRL on weekdays at 4:00pm ET!

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This Moment Made Teen Mom OG‘s Ryan Tear Up At His Wedding

Deep conversations between Ryan and his father Larry have sometimes made Maci‘s ex emotional — from choking up at a recent reunion while rehashing a fight he had with his dad to tearing up when Larry spoke about his son’s co-parenting efforts (shortly after Ryan returned home following treatment). Now, during tonight’s Teen Mom OG episode, Ryan said “I do” to Mackenzie — and the MTV grandfather (who also served as best man) gave a speech that really resonated with his boy.

First, Larry expressed gratitude to everyone for attending the milestone event and thanked Ryan for giving him the aforementioned special role. From there, Larry talked about important acquaintances — and that’s when Ryan’s eyes welled up.

“Our friends have been the most important thing in our lives,” Larry explained. “They’ve always been there for us — we’ve had some good times, and we’ve had some bad times. And I appreciate it.

He continued, directly addressing Ryan: “Mac is going to be your best friend. Mac is going to be the one that’s going to spend your money, she’s going to be the one to kick your butt when you need it and she’ll be the one who will always have your back. I married my best friend, and I’m thankful that you married yours.”

What did you think of Larry’s words, and what was your favorite moment from Ryan and Mac’s nuptials? Share them in the comments — and watch the newlyweds every Monday on TMOG at 9/8c.

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Siesta Key Kiss: Is Canvas Really Into Paige?

Unlike last summer’s inevitable Alex-and-Kelsey kiss, the latest hookup on Siesta Key threw us all for a loop. Why? It featured none other than Canvas and — wait for it — Paige. (Yes, that Paige — as in Madisson‘s sister.)

To recap this week’s episode: While rehashing Brandon‘s infidelity, Madisson yet again reiterated her disdain for the new girl during a conversation at the Tiki Bar with Kelsey and Paige. “Canvas is the last person I wanted to hear it from,” she said, addressing how her nemesis snitched about BG’s one-night stand. “The past month, I’ve been watching her fawn all over my boyfriend.”

At which point (speak of the devil), Canvas showed up to pick up a shift, apologizing to Madisson in the process. But Mad wasn’t having it and quickly peaced out — and that’s when Canvas pulled Paige aside and asked to “talk another time.”

Call us crazy, but this doesn’t exactly look entirely innocent:

Her proclamations of virtue continued. “My intentions were never to be anything with Brandon,” she told Paige over drinks. “Madisson seems like a sweet girl. I’d rather be the one to tell her what I saw. I was hoping that telling her would make something better, because what’s the point of being in a relationship with a f**ktard?”

Cue any remnants of the ice breaking between the girls (because naturally, they could agree on BG’s f*cktard status), and that’s when things started to get intriguing.

Canvas soon suggested a tequila shot, and she and Paige toasted to “new friendships.” When their conversation led to the topic of dating, Canvas told Paige she’s “hot.” Then the possibly tipsy pair left to go to another bar, and IT happened.

Yes, really.

So let’s review: Early on, Madisson warned Canvas to back off BG, and tensions have been growing ever since. Now Canvas has locked lips with Mad’s sister. Do you think Canvas is truly into Paige — or could she be trying to get back at her by wrecking all of Madisson’s relationships? Comment with your thoughts, and tune in Monday at 10/9c for more.

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Morning Bop: “Focus” On The Day Ahead Like Saweetie

Welcome to Morning Bop: each AM, we’ll be providing you with a blast of the latest music news headlines along with the perfect song you need to start your day. Monday’s #MorningBop is “Focus” by Saweetie because it’s a bossy anthem that will help you stay on the grind.

While you crank that up, here are seven trending news stories to keep tabs on today:


  2. Get it, girl.

  3. This track sounds so good it’ll sting your ears.

  4. Stop what you’re doing and stream it right now!

  5. If the rapture turns out to be real, I want this song to play as I’m on my way out.

  6. The Nigerian artist continues to impress with his third single.

  7. Peter Rabbit is one lucky guy!

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Spencer Pratt Just Got Punk’d By A Siesta Key Cast Member

Spencer Pratt has some thoughts about Siesta Key and doesn’t exactly have a filter when it comes to dishing his views about the Floridians. But what happens when the notorious Hills alum is asked questions by an MTV crew about certain cast members — and one of them just happens to be standing right next to him in disguise?

In the clip below, Kelsey reveals that she’s getting “a chin, a nose, a wig and a fake name,” all with the hopes of catching Heidi Montag’s hubby completely off guard. After he spills some tea, obviously.

“I got my full look ready,” an unrecognizable Kelsey dishes from the studio, before Spencer arrives. “This is payback for all of the s**t you talk on me.” We’re getting shades of Ashton Kutcher’s Punk’d days.

So what happens when Spencer dishes about Kelsey — and how does he react when he learns she’s been right by his side the entire time? Watch the hilarity ensue in the video, and don’t miss Siesta Key (as well as Spencer’s unrivaled take on the drama) every Monday at 10/9c.

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14 Rappers That Will Drastically Improve Your Life

Women are consistently proving their bosshood in every realm possible, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that they’re out in the rap world putting men in their place one freestyle at a time. Lil’ Kim and Remy Ma paved the way for queens like Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, but they aren’t the only ones at the top of their game. Scroll down and get familiar with 14 game changers who are spitting bars better than the boys every chance that they get. You already know who run the world, don’t front.

  1. Brooklyn has always been a hub where rap and hip-hop thrives, and Junglepussy currently reigns supreme in the area. Her sophomore album is slated to drop sometime this year and after the time we’ve had under the current administration, Lord knows we need it.

  2. This Chicago MC initially gained recognition for her collaborations with Chance the Rapper, but in 2016 she stole all of the hearts with her debut album Telefone. While we haven’t heard much from her since then, it’s most likely because she’s working on her next groundbreaking project.

  3. This Minnesota-bred hip-hop artist will boost your confidence level to an all-time high with all of her empowering self-love anthems.

  4. If you’ve been sleeping on this New York native, it’s time to for you to wake the f- up. I promise that 1992 will change your life for the better. You can trust your soul with this Afro-Puerto Rican boss.

  5. This Bay Area artist is in the early stages of her career, but she’s not wasting any time for full-on domination. Her latest singles offer a taste of what she’s got in store.

  6. This Donald Glover-approved rapper has contributed not one but two bangers to Issa Rae’s Insecure soundtracks, proof that she’s a legend in the making. If you’re late on this discovery, feel free to start with her 2017 project Primary and work your way backwards.

  7. Good luck competing against this freestyle queen who’s killing it across the pond with her unstoppable flow. Whether or not you’re ready, she’s coming in full force.

  8. This Portland rapper is bringing the west coast heat with her minimal trap hits as demonstrated on her collaborative project with producer Neill Von Tally titled Bone Music. Keep an eye out for her forthcoming debut album due out this year.

  9. After years of rolling with the Awful Records crew, this Canadian rapper is finally having her big breakout moment with the upcoming release of her debut album. Her latest singles have even been compared to the stylings of M.I.A.

  10. This fierce Filipino rapper is not here for Asian stereotypes, never hesitating to put anyone on blast for blatant fetishism in her verses. Last week, she slayed on the runway at NYFW and her rise to stardom is only just beginning. For now, you can stream a handful of her singles on SoundCloud.

  11. This Chicago rapper makes material not for the faint of heart, but you’ll grow to love her unapologetic nature when it comes to sexual freedom. We love a pro-LGBT rights icon. Lil’ Kim would be proud.

  12. Adamn Killa’s partner in crime (and life) is a team player, but she’s fully capable of standing out on her own. Bump her latest project Killa right now.

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Surprise! The Chainsmokers Are Actually Vampires In Their ‘You Owe Me’ Video

Here’s a pro tip: If The Chainsmokers ever invite you to dinner, say no. Unless, of course, you want to be the victim of a bloody, vampiric massacre. Then you can say yes.

On Friday (February 16), the duo dropped “You Owe Me,” a surprisingly muted jam that sounds more alt-pop than EDM (in other words, you’re gonna be waiting a long time for the drop). “You don’t know me / Don’t you think that I get lonely? / It gets dark inside my head / Check my pulse and if I’m dead you owe me,” Drew Taggart sings.

In the accompanying video, directed by Rory Kramer, Alex Pall and a stone-faced Taggart wear preppy polos while meticulously cleaning every inch of their mansion. It turns out they’re prepping for an intimate dinner party, but when their guests arrive, things take a shockingly bloody turn. So, yeah, go ahead and decline that dinner invite.

“You Owe Me” follows the duo’s Twenty One Pilots-sounding January single, “Sick Boy.” All signs point to the ‘Smokers aiming for a darker tone with their new music, so it looks like the days of starry-eyed bangers like “Closer” and “Something Just Like This” are behind us.

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