Ring In The New Year With These 18 Bangers

I don’t like to speak for others, but I think we can agree that 2017 was like a gigantic dumpster set on fire. However, we’re all still here and I believe that is an accomplishment worth celebrating! The end of an era has finally arrived and soon we’ll get to start all over yet again. (New year, new you, right?) As per usual, the TRL team has put together a playlist for this holy holiday so you can go out with a bang. With these 18 tracks in rotation, 2018 will be off to a significantly better start!

  • This is the ultimate NYE anthem, don’t even look at me if you disagree.

  • Without a doubt, this was THE song of 2017. It would be wrong to not bump it one last time.

  • I plan on syncing this track to the ball drop.

  • 2017 was a challenge, but at least we survived!

  • New year, new you, new rules!

  • The only thing sliding around here will be me on the dance floor.

  • Everything resets on January 1. What will do you to make this year better than the last?

  • Sorry not sorry, but you can’t go back—only forward!

  • It’s always valuable to know when to make your exit from the party. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about knowing your limits!

  • This one goes out to all the folks that would rather stay home while the ball drops. I celebrate all my fellow introverts.

  • Because not everyone gets lucky when the clock strikes 12.

  • You know I had to do it…

  • OK, I know that the actual Chinese New Year isn’t not until February but it still counts… Sort of. I’m setting a mood, let me live!!!

  • Don’t try to front—we both know you’re guilty of acting all brand-new for the first week of the new year, but then you go right ahead and make the same old mistakes! (Be honest, this cover was the gateway for many of you discovering Tame Impala.)

  • Leave all the broken pieces of your heart behind in the past. The future awaits, love.

  • If you have someone in your life who makes you feel fireworks inside, be sure to give ’em a smooch at midnight. (With their consent, of course.)

  • Uzi says it best: “I know it hurts sometimes, but you’ll get over it.” Move on, you have a new slate of 365 days ahead!

  • January 1 is all about new beginnings, make the most of the new year!

Article source: http://www.mtv.com/news/3055447/new-years-eve-playlist-2018/

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