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Hayley Williams Explains That Controversial ‘Misery Business’ Lyric

Ten years after Paramore burst into our lives with “Misery Business,” singer Hayley Williams is clearing the air about a sour lyric from the 2007 anthem. The couplet in question goes like this: “Once a whore, you’re nothing more / I’m sorry, that will never change.” That lyric has been the subject of some backlash […]

Watch SZA Get Revenge On Her Ex In Fantastical ‘Supermodel’ Video

SZA’s “Supermodel” video is here, and it’s a cautionary tale for pesky exes and a playbook in revenge fantasy for everyone else (emphasis on “fantasy”). In the Nabil-directed clip, our girl struts through a magical forest while getting doused with fairy dust that only makes her stronger and more amped for vengeance. She winds up […]

MTV Is Bringing Back Total Request Live

Total Request Live was a staple on MTV from 1998-2008 — a daily destination for all of your music and pop culture needs. And now, the unforgettable New York-based program is returning. The TRL franchise will debut on Monday, October 2. The daily live show will air from the network’s iconic Times Square studio and […]

Fresh Meat Forever: Derrick Kosinski Shares #FBF Photograph With Diem Brown

Derrick Kosinski may be competing on his own during The Challenge XXX, but the three-time champ just paid tribute to one of his most memorable teammates. “Ran into some old school pics the other day #FBF,” the Road Rules alum captioned the photograph above with his Fresh Meat partner Diem Brown. “When the spirit lives, […]

Dunkirk Is Throwing Down With The Emoji Movie At The Box Office

UPDATE (7/30/17, 12:50 p.m. E.T.): That was close, but Dunkirk prevailed thanks to its $28.1 million finish this weekend. Let it be known that Harry Styles and the rest of the Yungkirks may have met their match, and their biggest challenge isn’t the merciless assault of the Germany army, but a poop emoji wearing a […]

What Sort Of Evil Did Scott And His Pack ‘Let Out’ On Teen Wolf?

“It must be stopped.” Those four words courtesy of Captain Vague (aka Halwyn the hellhound) appear to be setting the stage for the final 10 Teen Wolf episodes, but what “it” is exactly remains a mystery. Shortly before [spoiler alert] Miss Monroe — the school-guidance-counselor-slash-supernatural-hunter — nailed him in the head, Halwyn was a man […]

Emilia Clarke Just Found Out The Hard Way That Chewbacca’s A Hugger

You’d think that her experience as a dragon-riding badass queen on Game of Thrones would prepare Emilia Clarke for pretty much anything, but even she can get bowled over by an impromptu hug from a Wookiee that’s got at least two feet on her. The actress recently hit 10 million followers on Instagram and found […]

Tyler Posey Takes Fans On An Epic Goodbye Tour Of The Teen Wolf Set

We’re not crying, you’re crying. As our beloved Teen Wolf gears up for the second half of its final season, Tyler Posey took time out from the last day of shooting ever to walk through Beacon Hills landmarks associated with his MTV character. And in the clip below, he kicks off where it all began […]

Meet The Teen Who Made Frank Ocean’s Powerful Panorama Tee

Since launching Green Box Shop in 2016, social media has played a huge part in how Kayla Robinson, 18, runs Green Box Shop: She heavily relies on Instagram and Twitter to promote her line of t-shirts bearing progressive, all-caps messages, and she’s found inspiration for some designs by connecting with people online and checking her […]

Relive The Top 10 Teen Wolf Moments (Allison Argent’s Demise Included)

If you had to pick your all-time favorite moment from Teen Wolf, could you do it? In celebration of 100 episodes, Tyler Posey, executive producer Jeff Davis and a bunch of other folks closely aligned with the MTV series were tasked with doing just that in the form of an upcoming MTV special titled, you […]

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