There Is No Musical Pun Big Enough For Beauty And The Beast‘s Impending Box Office Triumph

Variety said that Beauty and the Beast is “belting” out a $64 million Friday night opening. The Hollywood Reporter noted that the Disney musical is “waltzing” towards a record-breaking weekend.

The wordplay is all totally justified, because Beauty and the Beast is wasting no time in waltzing or belting or roaring or beer-hoisting or time-stepping or flouncing or whatevering its way towards an opening weekend that’s set to break a whole bunch of box office records.

This is huge, considering how well Logan and Kong: Skull Island have done in the weeks leading up to Beauty and the Beast‘s debut. The $63.8 million it made from its Friday showings make it the highest single day earnings for a PG film, ever, beating the reigning flick — Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince — by a cool $8 million. (It’s pretty awesome that both films star Emma Watson, too.)

If the projections hold, Beauty and the Beast will beat out Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice for the best March opening ever, it’ll be the new the best debut for a PG-rated movie ever (womp womp, Finding Dory — your $135 million is about to get bypassed), and it’s closing in on Best Damn Openings Ever territory. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is holding tight to its title in that regard, but Beauty and the Beast could stand to become a contender for one of the biggest openings for a film that isn’t a summer blockbuster.

Not that this is remotely surprising given the lead-up to the film and Watson’s general badassery, but still. What a beast of an opening weekend. (Sorry. Had to.)

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