7 Things That Need To Happen During Nick Jonas And Demi Lovato’s Carpool Karaoke

James Corden has named his latest Carpool Karaoke passengers: Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas. The two longtime BFFs will vie for the front seat when they join Corden for his wildly popular Late Late Show segment, ahead of their joint Future Now summer tour.

Past Carpool Karaoke videos have given us a ton of memorable and surprising moments with our fave stars (who could forget Adele rapping Nicki Minaj’s verse on “Monster” or One Direction’s impromptu “No Control” music video?). For Demi and Nick’s appearance, you can count on hearing her powerful pipes and his gorgeous falsetto, but there are a few more things we want to see. Here’s our wish list:

  1. We’re sure Joe Jonas wouldn’t be too jealous if Nick took over his part on “This Is Me,” the duet that closed out this classic DCOM. Or maybe Nick could just give us an updated version of his little ditty “Introducing Me” from the sequel? Either way, there MUST be a dose of Camp Rock in this car.

  2. deminickgif

    As much as we want to see Demi and Nick belt their own respective hits, we’d love a little song-swapping as well. Maybe Nick could take a stab at Demi’s “Confident,” or D could lend her powerhouse vocals to “Levels”? At the very least, let’s get Demi to be Nick’s duet partner on “Close,” his new single with Tove Lo.

  3. Nick’s upcoming LP Last Year Was Complicated is one of 2016’s most anticipated pop releases, so we need some insider details from the man himself about what to expect. It’s possible Demi’s already heard some of it, since they’re such tight friends, so maybe she can give us a little scoop… wink wink, nudge nudge, Dem.

  4. deminickgif2

    When you get two celeb BFFs doing a fun joint appearance like this, you HAVE to ask them to dish some dirt on each other. They must have some secrets they’re keeping up their sleeves, and Corden seems like the kind of guy who could pry those secrets away.

  5. demi-gif

    It’d be amazing to see Nick dress up in leather and get his rave on, a la Demi’s “Cool for the Summer,” or see her try riding a motorcycle, like he does in “Jealous.”

  6. nick-guitar-gif

    Look, it’s simple: the dude knows how to make girls and guys swoon with his string skills. Let’s get some of that acoustic action going in Corden’s car.

  7. Their 2014 duet is still a banger of a ballad. They’ve performed it live several times before, but imagine an a cappella version in Corden’s SUV. OH, THE CHILLS!


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