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Nick Jonas Gets Real About Miley, Jay Z, And Kanye

by Madeline Roth 2h ago In the midst of prepping his recently-announced upcoming album and his summer tour with Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas took time to revel in the oddities of Reddit on Thursday with a lengthy AMA (Ask Me Anything) session. The 23-year-old began by describing himself as “a cigar enthusiast, golfer, tuna fish […]

Hits and Misses: “Panda” Blows Up, Drake Feels Blue, Nick Jonas Returns and More

by MTV News Staff 24m ago Every week, MTV’s writers and critics assemble and weigh in on new hotness, chart trash, and glimmers of hope in the pop music landscape. This week’s roundtable includes Ira Madison III, Meaghan Garvey, Hazel Cills, Jessica Hopper, Doreen St. Félix, Charles Aaron, Molly Beauchemin, Carvell Wallace, Alex Pappademas, Simon […]

Iggy Azalea Breaks, Like, A Thousand Laws In The ‘Team’ Video

by Sasha Geffen 1m ago Iggy Azalea has followed up her dance and lyric video for “Team” with the track’s official video, which finds her breaking a whole lot of laws at an airport. Iggy Azalea On Nicki Minaj: ‘I Have Just As Many People On My Writing Credits As She Has On Hers’ After […]

Kim Kardashian And Emily Ratajkowski Will Not Be Shamed For Their Topless Selfie

by Madeline Roth 9h ago Just a few weeks after posting a nude selfie that ignited an Internet shitstorm for the ages, Kim Kardashian is back with another defiant pic — only this time, she has back-up. KIM KARDASHIAN POSTED A NAKED SELFIE AND BOTHERED TO CAPTION IT FOR SOME REASON On Tuesday, Kim, 35, […]

Watch Nick Jonas And Demi Lovato’s Surprise Performance At A Children’s Hospital

by Madeline Roth 8h ago Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas kick off their Future Now tour in June, but before they hit the road, they’ve given a VIP preview to some very deserving young fans. Earlier this month, the 23-year-old stars visited Children’s Hospital Los Angeles for a surprise joint performance and a meet-and-greet with […]

The Ultimate Betrayal: These Love Hopefuls Were Catfished By Someone They Knew IRL

by Jordana Ossad 7h ago More often than not, Catfish prey on people they’ve never met. But a select few create phony profiles to lure in specific targets they actually know — for positive or negative reasons — and that’s exactly what ensued during tonight’s brand-new episode. Michael, a 21-year-old from Philadelphia, asked Nev and […]

Donald Trump Is Playing A Conservative On TV

by Jane Coaston 39m ago Donald Trump is performing conservatism. He is doing it very, very poorly. In an interview today with Chris Matthews for an MSNBC town hall, after attempting to explain away his campaign manager being charged with assault, Trump told Matthews that “there has to be some sort of punishment” for women […]

About That Time Invader Zim Harvested Children’s Organs

by Stacey Grant 30m ago Fifteen years ago today (March 30), Invader Zim first touched down on Earth with the mission to capture the planet. What’s now become a cult show, Invader Zim introduced us to dimwitted robot GIR, paranormal investigator Dib Membrane, emo and apathetic Gaz Membrane, and alien Zim himself. The cartoon shares […]

Exclusive: Ben Baller Taps Ian Connor For New Clothing Line

by Gaby Wilson 8m ago You probably know Ben Yang best as Ben Baller, the luxury jeweler responsible for pretty much all of your favorite rappers’ iciest pieces. But outside of frosting belt buckles for Justin Bieber, Yang has had a varied career, starting out as a DJ, then a music exec, and now embarking […]

Emilia Clarke Fires Back At Critics Who Say Game Of Thrones Is Sexist

by Madeline Roth 8h ago Since its debut in 2011, Game of Thrones has come under fire time and time again for its depictions and treatment of female characters. But Emilia Clarke — who plays arguably the most boss woman on the show, Daenerys Targaryen — is continuing to defend the show against accusations of […]

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