People Discover Their Actual Ethnicity Through DNA And Are Pretty Shocked At The Results

Though both of my parents are from Haiti, a country with strong ties to France and many African countries, I have a few racial ties elsewhere in the world: North America, India and China.

These might seem surprising, but hey — as five other people recently found out, genetic testing doesn’t lie.

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BuzzFeed’s Test Friends decided to officially find out where in the world they’re from.

To get genotyped, you need to submit just one ingredient: your saliva (ew). After a lengthy stretch of time where each of the friends try to collect a 1/2 tablespoon of it, (again … ew) they send it out to genotyping company 23andMe.

After learning the results, 3 of the 5 participants are totally shocked — turns out they were really wrong about where they came from.

Watch the full video below.

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