An In-Depth Timeline Of Josh Peck And Oprah’s Relationship

Oprah Winfrey has many admirers, but none compare to her No. 1 fan, Josh Nichols (Josh Peck) from “Drake Josh.” During the course of the hit Nickelodeon show, Peck’s character was ~in love~ with Oprah, pretending to guest star on her talk show, and regularly bringing up her name in casual conversation. And, of course, there was that time he accidentally ran her over.

Since today (Jan. 29) is Oprah’s 62nd birthday, let’s look back at some of the times she and Josh “interacted” in one way or another.

Josh Peck Has NEVER Met Oprah — Yes, We’re Being Complete Truthers

  • When Josh was a bb, he had a crush on Oprah. How do we know this? Well…

  • Drake  Josh

    …he told us. He also had to put up with some shade from Drake Parker (Drake Bell).

  • Drake  Josh

    “Don’t mock me,” Josh said, as he silently prayed for Oprah to save him from a world that doesn’t understand.

  • Drake  Josh

    Fast asleep, Josh called out to Oprah as a dog licked his face. We would expect nothing less.

  • When Drake accidentally married Yooka from Yudonia, Josh did everything in his power to fix it, including putting in a call to Oprah. But when noob Drake asked, “What can Oprah do?,” Josh quickly and vehemently set him straight. Get with the times, Drake. Get with the times.

  • Drake  Josh

    Shots were fired on this fateful day in Josh/Oprah history. Drake, yet again, brought his wrath down against Oprah. Thankfully, her trusty knight in shining armor defended her honor.

  • Josh rehearsed exactly what he’d say when the day finally came for him to guest star on Oprah’s show.

  • Drake  Josh


  • Drake  Josh

    This was a dark, dark day for Josh and Oprah. On a positive note, the two finally did meet, but it was only because Josh accidentally ran over his true love.

  • Drake  Josh

    However, the incident did result in Josh getting Oprah’s autograph (via restraining order). Every relationship has its ups and downs.

  • Josh’s love for Oprah never fades — and never will.

  • Drake  Josh

    Oprah and Josh have a second setback in their relationship. Apparently, she had Chad Crenshaw on her show for writing a novel and then invited him to her house for tacos. Josh took this news quite hard.

  • Clearly, Josh just wanted to another restraining order autograph to add to his collection.

  • We all express our love in different ways, OK?

  • Josh wished his one true love a very happy birthday, calling her his “Queen.”

  • It was obvious who Josh’s valentine was: Oprah every year, all year.

  • “No one looks more beautiful than you,” thought Josh, as he stared at the TV screen longingly.

  • “She completes me,” captioned Josh, as he combed through his Oprah-themed scrapbook for hours.

  • Clearly, Josh loves Oprah, flaws and all. That’s true love, everyone.

  • If you happen to have a crush on Josh, you best get to steppin’.

  • Josh and Oprah finally, finally met face-to-face. This encounter was so much better than the Car Fiasco of 2007.

  • Oprah guest starred on Josh’s show “Grandfathered.” It was the highest-grossing TV episode in history.

  • Josh and Oprah took over the world, making it a better place for all.

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