This Baby’s First Taste Of Bacon Is Video Gold

Most of us may not remember that fateful moment when our tastebuds first came into contact with the salty excellence that is bacon, but chances are it was a game changer that kicked off a lifetime of gustatory gusto for the crispy breakfast (or any meal, really) treat.

For one baby, that very moment has been internet immortalized, thanks to his mom’s viral video capturing his instant obsession with bacon … or as he puts it “bagahhh” and, eventually, “BAAACOOOOONNNN!”

This beats the hell out of any lemon/lime-baby encounter you could throw at us, internet, so job well done here.

We especially love that moment when little mister has to close his eyes and tune his adoring audience out for a minute so he can fully savor the flavor. Cuteness full tilt, folks. And also? Where do we sign up for the next round of chilling in Santa jammies while sampling a delicious slice? ’Cause we’ve got our pens ready to commit to paper for that gig.

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