Listen Up, Idiots: Here Are Emma Roberts’ 17 Craziest ‘Scream Queens’ Quotes

Regardless of which “Scream Queens” quotes make you LOL or which make you physically squirm, the way the characters wax insanely quotable poetic throughout every episode is a damn masterpiece. But no other Kappa flies as close to the sun as Chanel Oberlin. Make no mistake: the stuff that comes out of Emma Roberts mouth on this show is insane. Let’s take a look back at some of Chanel No. 1’s most instantly iconic lines:

  1. Emma Roberts Scream Queens

  2. Scream Queens

  3. Scream Queens

  4. Her-Starbucks-Etiquette

  5. Scream Queens

  6. Scream Queens

  7. Scream Queens

  8. Her-Misunderstanding-Sexually-Transmitted-Diseases

  9. Scream Queens

  10. Scream Queens

  11. scream queens

  12. Chanel Oberlin

  13. Scream Queens

  14. Scream Queens

  15. Scream Queens

  16. Scream Queens

  17. Scream Queens

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