There’s A Website That Can Tell You Whether You’re Living In A Murder House

When George and Kathy Lutz moved to Long Island, New York in December 1975, little did they know that the six-bedroom colonial home they bought was a terrible idea.

Why? A serial murder occurred there — the basis for “The Amityville Murders” — and that’s why it was on sale for much lower than it should have been, but no one told the Lutzes before they moved in. That’s because they didn’t have the internet yet to check first.

All treats, no tricks — check out MTV’s Halloween coverage now.

Surprisingly, the Lutzes were pretty chill in the beginning about previous owner Ronald DeFeo, Jr. shooting and killing six members of his family in the home they were living in, until a month of alleged paranormal activity befell them and they moved out. DiedInHouse could have made the Lutz family’s lives a lot easier by using an exceedingly easy search interface to find out the seedier parts of their house’s history.

In addition to telling you if a murder or death occurred at the residence you live in, DiedInHouse tells you if any fires occurred there and/or if any of that is meth lab related. Sorry Walter White, your home is going to stay on the market for a while.

The service is only $11.99, so you could even check the house you’re in right now — that is, if you can handle the result. 💀

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