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Believe It Or Not, This ’90s Accessory Is Making A Comeback

by Caitlin Morton 59m ago The year 2015 might be *just* on the horizon, but as far as fashion is concerned, the ’90s are definitely not dead. Over at ASOS, we stumbled upon a pack of cute little barrettes that bear striking resemblance to everyone’s favorite accessories of decades past: butterfly clips. ASOS So, maybe […]

Before You Forget About This Year, Listen Back To Everything That Happened With The ’2014 Rap Up’

by Adam Fleischer 39m ago It’s that time again. For rap fans, no year has been complete for the last decade-plus without Skillz’s annual “Rap Up” release. On the yearly series, he reflects on the past 12 months with sharp, humorous and thoughtful lyrics. And this year is no different. On the track, he touches […]

Maci Bookout Is Having A Girl And We Love Her Baby Name Ideas

by Jordana Ossad 29m ago Maci Bookout‘s been frequenting the boys’ clothing aisles for six plus years for her son Bentley, and now the redhead is going to also be hitting up the girls’ section as well! The “Teen Mom” cast member, who is expecting her second bundle of joy with longtime boyfriend Taylor McKinney, […]

Wait, So Rambo’s Really Coming Back?!

by Maurice Bobb 1h ago John Rambo is coming back for more blood. According to Screen Rant, Sylvester Stallone has an official title for the fifth installment of his “Rambo” film series: “Last Blood.” The name brings the movie franchise full circle because the first film about the troubled Vietnam veteran, which came out in […]

So, Are Miley Cyrus And Madonna Collaborating Or What?

by John Walker 37m ago Look, Miley Cyrus and Madonna. I don’t have a lot of time to waste with small talk. I’m really busy. I’m moving to a new apartment in a few days. Plus, I just started watching “True Detective” for the first time, like, three hours ago, and I’d like to finish […]

This ‘Indiana Jones’ Puppy Parody Is Face-Meltingly Adorable: Watch Now

by Jessica Hyndman 13m ago Does anybody want to end the year by watching some adorable puppies be adorable? Then this “Indiana Jones” parody video has you covered. YouTube maestro Final Cut King’s dog, Indy, stars in “Indiana Bones: Raiders of the Lost Bark,” a too-cute-for-words spoof that’s guaranteed to plaster your face with all […]

11 Muppets You Wouldn’t Invite To A New Year’s Eve Party

by Lauren Vino 1h ago Muppets are the ultimate party animals and often a nostalgic throwback during the holiday season, which begs the question, “Why wouldn’t you invite them to any party?” Well, like with people, just because you’re a fan of them doesn’t mean you want to invite them into your home for drinking, […]

Ryan Gosling’s Directorial Debut Won’t Screen In The U.S.

by Kat Rosenfield 1h ago Bad news for any Ryan Gosling fans who were hoping to catch a screening of the actor’s directorial debut: “Lost River” is coming never to a theater near you, as Warner Bros. has decided to forgo a big-screen release for the film. According to Variety, the movie — in which […]

6 Reasons Sofia Vergara Is The Luckiest Woman Alive

by Kat Rosenfield 10m ago By now, you’ve probably heard the news that living lust objects Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara have put a ring on their whirlwind romance; personally, we are already speculating about how hot their potential progeny will be. (Options include either a) super-hot, b) mega-hot, or c) hotter than the blazing […]

John Mayer Photoshopped The F–k Out Of This Selfie

by Jessica Hyndman 3h ago While Photoshopped celebrity selfies have basically become the new normal on Instagram, John Mayer may have just made that “new normal” a little more bizarre. On Monday (December 29), the 37-year-old singer-songwriter shared a cartoonish-looking selfie with friend and CollegeHumor co-founder Ricky Van Veen. “So good to see my friend […]

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