This Unassuming Beanie Is Actually Pretty Genius

As we get deeper into fall, it’s only natural that we want to snatch up a cozy new beanie as a winter wardrobe staple. So, we were doing a little online shopping for ourselves (hey, we’re human too) and stumbled upon this chunky, ribbed knit light gray hat.


Looks pretty normal, right? And for only $19 it’s kind of a steal! But then…


This happened. *head explodes* The model is wearing her ponytail through the beanie, dudes. How have we never thought of this before? Think about all those times mid-winter when you’ve ditched a hat because you were wearing a high bun. Is this the ultimate game changer? TBH, this whole ~lewk~ is very new to us so we can’t quite tell if we’re buying into some glorified headband situation or if this is legit awesome, but Hood by Air totally decked out their models in nylon versions of these bad boys at their spring 2015 PFW show. So, what do you think: are you gonna give the ponytail beanie a try this winter or nah?


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