Nicki Minaj ‘Never Saw A Female’ MC Endorse Like She Does

On any given day, Nicki Minaj is more than just a rapper. She has a whole slew of other jobs on her resume.

The femcee is not only working on new music, but she is also an actress, fashion and perfume designer, MAC spokesperson, one-time “American Idol” judge, as well as a part owner and the face for Myx Fusions.

If you ask Nicki about why she wanted to expand into the world of adult beverages, well, she says the boys had a lot to do with it.

“I was just feeling like with a lot of the male artists, like in hip-hop, they’ve gone out and started alcohol drinks or they’ve endorsed drinks and stuff like that,” she told MTV News. “And I never saw a female really do it.”

Many of her male contemporaries have aligned themselves with liquor brands for quite some time now. Jay Z endorses D’usse, Diddy has a stake in Ciroq and Ludacris co-owns Conjure cognac, and those are only a handful of the deals the guys have inked over the years. So, when Myx came along, Nicki knew she wanted in.

But can guys drink the Moscato wine beverage too?

“Yes! Dudes are OK to drink it,” she insisted. “And a lot of guys I know drink it with something a little stronger, but they always say ‘I can’t lie,’ they do like the taste of it.

“You know, like, how guys drink beers we wanted to make it almost similar to that, in that not every time you want to get drunk. Sometimes you just want to be nice and be in your house watch the game or whatever,” she said. “So when guys are drinking their beers, women can drink their Myx, and vice versa.”

And while Nicki happily endorses Myx, she’s getting an endorsement from “Love Hip Hop” producer and music mogul, Mona Scott, who is a part owner of the brand and its chief marketing officer.

“I think Nicki has been an incredible trendsetter, a trailblazer,” she said. “She’s shown that her brand extends itself amongst different categories … I think she’s been an amazing partner just in terms of the creative energy, the input, the star power she’s brought to this, but also kind of the creativity and the intellectual part of it as well.”

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